KidzPlay offer a range of different programs that vary throughout the year. We generally offer soccer and multisport programs all year round and Aussie Rules football in the winter months. The multisport programs consist of 2-3 weeks soccer, cricket, basketball and football. Other mutlisport activies can include hockey and T-ball at some venues. We suggest 2-3 year olds start with the soccer program as it is the easiest. The multisport program is fantastic as all of the fundamental motor skills are incorporated into this program. If your child is a footy fanatic then the aussie rules football program is a winner. We cater for all genders, ages and abilities.

Age Groups
The age group of each program is stated on the Location & Times schedule. However as a guide the programs are generally offered in the following age brackets; 2.5-3.5 year olds, 3-5 year olds, 3.5-5 year olds.

Children who are under 2.5 years old are incorporated into the 2.5-3.5 year old classes. We always suggest a trial class at this age to ensure your child is mature enough to participate. More parent involvement is required for the younger aged children.

The cost per 45 minute session is $16 per class. Therefore the term cost depends on the length of the term. KidPlay does not charge a registration fee, so you will find we offer the best money for value program.

Indoor Venues
All KidzPlay preschool community programs are held indoors at the venue outline on the locations and times page unless specifically advised.

What To Bring

Please arrive at your community venue 5 minutes before the commencement time to be greeted by the coach and get ticked off the roll. Children are only required to bring a drink bottle. Warm clothing is suggested for morning or winter months as it can still be cold inside some venues.

Parent Participation
Parents with children between the ages of 2.5 and 3.5 years old will be on the court all of the time with their children working in a one on one scenario. Younger children feel more comfortable working with a parent that they know especially if it’s there first sporting experience. Throughout the term we encourage the parents to have less involvement. Children aged from 3.5 years and above participate predominantly without parent participation.

All coaching staff are very friendly and relate well with children. All coaches are qualified and have experience working with children. All relevant police checks and working with children checks are completed.

Public Holidays
There are no classes held on public holidays

Rules & Behaviour
The following rules and code of behaviour is to ensure the safety and enjoyment of all participants of Pre School Sport programs.

  • Parents or guardians must be present at all times for the duration of the class
  • Children and parents must wear appropriate sports shoes and comfortable activity clothing .
  • Children and parents must listen, respect and follow instructions from the coach.
  • Food and drink are not permitted on the playing surface. (Each child should bring a drink to the class)
  • Equipment must not be damaged.
  • Children and parents must respect others. There is a zero tolerance to physical, verbal or racial inappropriate behaviour.
  • If a minimum number of participants is not achieved, children will be offered another class time, a credit note or refund.
  • Enrolment fees are not refundable unless a class does not proceed. If a class is missed a make up sesion can be organise through the KidzPlay instructor.
  • Parents give KidzPlay coaches permission to administer first aid and in the case of an emergency call an ambulance. Parents agree to pay the associated costs.
  • Parents/guardians and children in their care release KidzPlay and its coaches from any liability for injury incurred to their child at a KidzPlay program.

Enrolment fees are NOT refundable unless a KidzPlay class does not commence.

If a minimum number of participants is not achieved, children will be offered another class time, a credit note or a refund.

Make Up Classes
If a class is missed a make-up session can be organise through your KidzPlay instructor.