KidzPlay offer a range of chidlren activities to school children throughout Australia. We provide both extra-curricular and within curriculum programs. KidzPlay also can provide community based programs held at local school venues.

Extra-curricular Programs
The extra-curricular programs are held before school, at lunchtime or after school. These programs are generally only offered to the children who attend the specific school.

Below are some examples of the extra-curricular programs we can offer;

Sport Programs Dance Programs
Gymnastic Programs Music Programs
Tennis Programs Drama Programs
Lego Programs Chess Programs


Within Curriculum Programs
The within curriculum programs are where a KidzPlay instructor runs a structured program such as dance or gymnastics program for all of the class within school hours.

Local Community Programs
KidzPlay offer programs to the wider community which are held at school venues. Examples of a local community program may be a dance school or self defence classes.