KidzPlay has been attending our centre for the past year twice per week teaching the children various sports. The children look forward to Coach Phil coming as for many, its their favourite time of the week. Coach Phil is very engaging with the children and caters for all ages and abilities. I highly recommend KidzPlay. 

Eltham Woods Co.Op.

When the children were asked: "what do you think about when Coach comes? Is there something you really enjoy that you would like to share?
Children's responses included: "I like when I play games with him", "He teaches us to do sport", " I like Coach because I like it when I play games and I like games", "He is funny to me", "I really like doing octopus", "He teaches me games I like", "He is like a sports superhero", I like it when coach taught us basketball", "I like football, because I like to kick the ball". 

Diamond Creek Memorial Kinder

Our kinder children love having Phil visit them....each day they say ‘Is it a Phil day today?’ Thank you Phil for developing a fantastic program that encourages the children to build on their gross motor, eye hand co-ordination, listening skills, turn taking and winning and losing skills. Our parent feedback is always so positive with the children excited to share what they did with Phil each session with their family. 

Rochelle – Pinemont Kindergarten

KidzPlay has been running weekly programs at our service for many years and quickly became a hit with all the children. KidzPlay is our most popular extra-curricular activity and we hope to run it for many years to come. Thank you to Phil and the KidzPlay gang!   

Smartie Pants Childcare

Coach Phil has been working at my center for several years. His programs are always very well planned and relevant to the ages and skill level of the children. He has a warm, nurturing manner with the children always encouraging them to be involved and have fun. The children always look forward to his sessions.

 Jo – Macleod Kindergarten